Leprino Foods-Raising walls with the Goldsmith Family

Leprino volunteers in Hanford


On July 26th and 27th, more than 20 volunteers from Leprino Foods (East and West), joined the Goldsmith family and Habitat for Humanity staff to start an amazing home remodel. The growing family of eight needed to add a bathroom and bedroom to provide room for 6 growing boys, and Leprino Foods jumped on board with financial a volunteer support. The volunteers started the demolition needed to add the new space to the existing house then built all the exterior walls for the addition.

The project will continue for the next couple of months and Habitat is scheduling volunteer teams now! Give us a call at 734-4040 ext 100 and ask for Anita. You can also sign-up today!

Check out pictures from the Construction Site!

Leprino Foods East-Video

Leprino Foods West-Video

Thank you so much to Leprino Foods, Pacific Western Bank for hosting the job-site and joining in to get dirty!


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