Building together in Hanford

Danielle, Victor and Architect Thom Black


It’s a small world! Victor and Danielle joined more than 20 local women volunteers at 403 W. Cameron to build the walls to their future home. Victor met and shook hands with Thom Black, the architect of the house project then realized that Thom had been one of his teachers at COS. We talk often of the interconnections between people in our community and here was a relationship come full circle.

Danielle and Victor applied to Habitat for Humanity after walking into the Hanford ReStore. They wanted to know if there was a way to get out of their expensive, over-crowded living conditions and build a forever home of their own for their son and two nieces. Danielle and Victor are fostering two nieces as well as raising their son Evan. This is not the first time Victor and Danielle have “fostered” members of their family while struggling to support themselves. Danielle’s mother passed away when she was 17 so she and Victor raised her two younger brothers, supporting them through school and college. Her brothers now work for the Tulare Police Department and the Tulare City Fire Department. Danielle’s nephews also lived with them temporarily and have since returned to their parents. During all these challenges, Danielle and Victor worked hard to pay their bills, even those that came along with their six-year-old’s heart surgery.

Over the next several months Habitat will partner with Danielle and Victor to build their forever home and community volunteers will join them. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with us in Hanford please contact Anita at 559-734-4040 ext 106.

You can also support this project by donating directly.

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