NAS Lemoore Volunteers Raise the Roof in Hanford

NAS Lemoore Volunteers in Hanford


On Saturday, August 29th, a great team of volunteers from NAS Lemoore and the local community joined forces to “roll the trusses” on Habitat’s new homeownership project in Hanford. It took all hands to help lift each 40 ft truss (that weighed close to 400 lbs) onto the top of the walls to be dragged into place on the house. Victor, the future homeowner, also joined the group to put in his required sweat equity hours.

Having community support is key to Habitat’s mission. The vision that everyone deserves a decent and affordable place to live is also key to building a  better community and a better future. With “sheltering in place” so important to everyone’s health, we are reminded that overcrowded conditions and substandard housing is exasperating the spread of the coronavirus in our neighborhoods. By working together to make affordable housing a priority, we can help build healthier communities in the future.

Find out more about the future homeowners in Hanford. Building together in Hanford

Check out pictures from the August 29th volunteer day.

Donate to this and future projects in Kings County.

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