Christmas Break-in!

Broken tool box from Christmas Break-in 2020


Habitat had a Christmas break-in! Thieves abound this time of year and they didn’t mind breaking in and taking much needed tools from Habitat for Humanity. Monday morning, December 14th, Habitat staff discovered that one of our construction trucks had been broken into. The metal tool box was broken and much needed construction tools were stolen. Missing are cordless power drills, skill saws, circular saws, drill bits and sawblades. In total about $1,000 in stolen or broken tools. These items are vital in helping local families with home repairs.

The Grinch arrived!

Everything is replaceable, of course, however the $1000 cost hurt Habitat for Humanity and the mission of building homes and hope. Despite the negative impact of the theft, local Christmas elves donated to a fund that will replace the tools. The positive always outweighs the negative. Thank you to everyone who supported Habitat.

If you would like to help Habitat please contact our office at 559-734-4040 ext 106 or donate directly at

Habitat is moving forward. We believe in our mission of building homes, communities and hope and know that 2021 will be a wonderful year for Habitat and our community.

Blessings from the staff a Habitat for Humanity.

Check out the Times Delta article!

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