Malcolm Dutch


In Memoriam – Malcolm Dutch

The last 12 months have been an extremely difficult time for many of us and the community that we share. As Habitat deals with the uncertainties of our current health and economic challenges, we rely on the guidance of thoughtful leaders, particularly the Habitat Board of Directors. Earlier this month, we lost one of those guides when our friend Malcolm Dutch passed away following a heart attack. Malcolm was a hard-working man who was often the last person to arrive at the board meetings after putting in another long day as owner of GJ Gardner Homes in Visalia. Yet, he showed up prepared to contribute insightful questions and practical suggestions. He was always ready to literally roll up his sleeves and make a difference to our organization and the families we serve. He was committed to Habitat’s mission of a “hand up” to those needing a decent place to live.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Malcolm will not be at the next meeting of the Board of Directors. While we celebrate everything Malcolm was to each of us, I will miss his infectious laugh and distinctive New Zealand accent. Most of all, I will miss his friendship.

Dirk Holkeboer, Executive Director

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