With 2020 behind us, we take time to reflect back on the year and those who, despite all the challenges, continued to support Habitat and the vital mission of building homes, communities and hope. Because of the wonderful business partners and volunteers who joined us in 2020, we built a home in Hanford and continued to serve our community through the Hanford and Visalia ReStores.

The work Habitat does is so important. Now, more than ever, affordable housing is vital for healthy families and the entire community.

Since we cannot gather together to recognize and celebrate our partners, we will be scheduling award presentations in February, to share on social media.

Thank you again to all those who continue to support Habitat. You can be a part of the next project. Sign up as a volunteer!

Brendan Farrell Mortgage Consultant-American Pacific Mortgage

Brendan Farrell Mortgage Consultant-American Pacific Mortgage

Bridgett Kipp

Bridget Kipp-office-ReStore and jobsite volunteer

Jeff Todd

Jeff Todd-Volunteer at the Visalia ReStore

Rick Kunkeman-Sunset Rotary

Rick Kunkleman-Allstate Insurance representing Visalia Sunset Rotary

Tosha Pequeno-Valley Strong Credit Union

Tosha Pequeno-Valley Strong Credit Union

Manuel Vasquez

Manuel Vasquez-Visalia ReStore volunteer

Carly Richardson-The Millard Group-Visalia Mall

Carly Richardson-The Millard Group-Visalia Mall

Andrea Kofl Adventist Health

Andrea Kofl-Adventist Health

Mike & Sheila Crain-Crain's Air Conditioning

Mike & Shelia Crain-Crain’s Air Conditioning

Kathy McKegney-Pacific Western Bank

Kathy McKegney-Pacific Western Bank

Mary Silva-Bank of the Sierra Hanford

Mary Silva-Bank of the Sierra

Muni Sukhu-Hanfor Rotary Community Foundation

Muni Sukhu-Hanford Rotary Community Foundation

Olivia Fox

Olivia Fox-ReStore-jobsite volunteer

Shawn Robinson-Walmart DC Hanford

Shawn Robinson-Walmart DC Hanford

Stephanie Chavez-Bank of America, Hanford

Stephanie Chavez-Bank of America Hanford

Kerry Hydash-Family Health Care Network

Kerry Hydash-Family Health Care Network

Mary Waldrum-tri counties bank

Mary Waldrum-tri counties bank

Mike Stafford-Lowe's

Mike Stafford-Lowe’s

Kristine Lee-County of Kings

Kristine Lee-County of Kings

Brian Malison-Christ Lutheran Church

Brian Malison-Christ Lutheran Church

Deanna Saldana holding award for Union Bank

Thank you to Union Bank

Jeanette Constantino from R.M. Parks holding award

Jeanette Constantino-R.M.Parks

Rene Garcia from Eagle Mountain Casino holding award

Rene Garcia-Eagle Mountain Casino

Kent Delperdang from WalMart DC Porterville holding award

Kent Delperdang-Walmart DC 6021 Porterville

Annabel Prindle from EECU holding award

Annabel Prindle-EECU

Ryan Smith from Smith's Roofing holding award

Ryan Smith-Smith’s Roofing

Ashley Quezada from Wells Fargo Bank-holding award

Ashely Quezada-Wells Fargo Bank

Dennis Townsend from the Tulare County Board of Supervisors holding award

Dennis Townsend and the Tulare County Board of Supervisors

Scott Daniels from Young's Commercial Transfer-holding award

Scott Daniels-Young’s Commercial Transfer

Blanca Santana from Ruiz Foods-holding award

Blanca Santana-Ruiz Foods

Staff from CalWater holding award

Kevin McCusker & Stephen Johnson at California Water Service

Kristi Bryan from Bryan Company holding 2 awards

Kristi Bryan & Bryan Company Demolition/Roll-off Services

Leo & Stephanie Cortez- from ITC holding award

Leo & Stephanie Cortez-ITC Porterville

Itzel Gonzalez-Westamerica Bank holding award

Itzel Gonzalez-Westamerica Bank

Chris Edwards from Valley expetec-holding an award

Chris Edwards-Valley Expetec

United Way of Tulare County logo

United Way Tulare County