Having the opportunity to talk about Habitat for Humanity is easy for me but, as with everyone, I need a platform! After more than a few conversations with Rose Ortega over at K-Jug, Visalia, getting together to record a PSA is like having a wonderful conversation with a friend.

On May 15th we met at Momentum Broadcasting to discuss all things Habitat for Humanity Tulare-Kings and covered a lot of ground.

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Helping Habitat for Humanity on the job-site or in the ReStore is so valuable. Check out this great video of a recent team of volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Over many years we have watched as our homeowners lives have changed and their families have thrived. Many find that because their mortgage payments are considerably less than the rent they were paying, they can now afford to save money for school and other opportunities.

This summer we are thrilled to have Daniel working with us in the ReStore and on many of our home repair projects. He came to us in June because he needed to complete 180 volunteer service hours to fulfill requirements for his internship program at William Penn University in Iowa. The truly exciting part of this particular story is that Daniel’s life changed when his mother and father were accepted to participate in Habitat’s home-ownership program in the City of Tulare.

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