Tim and Rachel had two beautiful boys of their own when they decided to take in foster children, helping to provide a decent home for very deserving children. The couple wanted another child of their own but after several attempts they decided to adopt an amazing little boy, Cameron, who had stolen their heart.  The blessings continued as they found themselves expecting a baby boy of their own when Child Protective Services called wanting to place a baby boy, a half sibling to their adopted son Cameron. They couldn’t say no. Their family had now grown to seven. When their biological son was 9 months old, CPS called once again regarding another baby boy, brother to their latest adopted boy. Tim and Rachel took a massive leap of faith and agreed to foster the third brother, eventually adopting him as well. A house with so much love, was now bursting at the seams!

The three bedroom, one bath home that they had purchased in the early 2000’s, was now way too small for their growing family. Because of circumstances involving their home loan agreement, they are unable to apply for a loan to build on a much needed extension to their house. Tim and Rachel heard about Habitat for Humanity and reached out for help. Normally outside the scale of home repairs for Habitat, it was difficult to say no to a family that had given so much to protect and raise three beautiful foster children.

Join Habitat for Humanity to help raise the funds needed for this unique and heart-warming project. Please donate any amount to the Goldsmith Project and help Habitat provide a decent and affordable house for this amazing family of eight!

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