The phrase “we are all in this together” is so true and the amazing community support that we have received during this pandemic just proved that by working together, we can build back and improve the neighborhoods where we live. Thank you so much for all our sponsors and supporters.

G.J Garner Homes, Gallagher, Bryan Company & Provident-Salierno Foundation.

Item donations to our Auction:

Steve Crotty
Paul Green
Candace Smith
Richard King
David Marks
Benny, Dianne & Christina Hernandez
Diana Pearcy
Candy Mendina
Cacciatore Fine Wines
VF Outdoors

Auction Item Donors:
BMC Recliam/Blue Mill Co.
D.R Horton
Cedar View Winery
Office Depot-Jennifer Alvarez
Harris Home Furnishings
Mike Olmos
Janeen’s Furniture Gallery
Herbs and More-Jody Graves
Brown’s Shoe Fit Company
Super Nova
Michael’s Custom Jewelry
Deanna Saldana
Primary Residential Mortgage-Wendy Reeder
Annabelle’s Bridal
Joshua Tree Boutique
The Rose Boutique
Toni Best
A&W Restaurants
Bridge Street Tax Service and Bookkeeping
Majesty Bible
Organic Apothecary/Lancaster Creations
G.J.Gardner Homes/Sandy Dutch
Caccitore Fine Wines and Olive Oils
Gold Canyon Candles-Yvette Sanchez
Bryan Company
Pacific Treasures
Tim & Diane Shew
Diana Jasso
Steve Tarter
Don Vieira
Pam Nelson
VF Outdoors