In-Kind Donations

Financial gifts are important but in-kind gifts can also be incredibly valuable to Habitat’s mission and ability to build and remodel affordable homes. All the costs that go into the home are transferred to the new, Habitat homeowner, therefore if Habitat receives an in-kind gift of flooring for the home, that cost will not be transferred to the homeowner, making their monthly payments more affordable.

Many local businesses can consider donating lumber, flooring, siding, drywall, roofing materials, stucco, concrete and much more to assist Habitat in serving more families.

Another valuable, in-kind donation is professional volunteers. We often need to hire professional electricians, plumbers and roofers to work on our homes. Businesses can donate a crew to help Habitat roll trusses, install HVAC units, install drywall and much more.

Consider getting involved with Habitat for Humanity by donating items that will help us build homes, community and hope in Tulare and Kings Counties.

For more information contact Habitat for Humanity at 559-734-4040.